Brittany Diaz was born in Queens, NY responding to two male voices: her father's and Gene Simmons'.

Raised in a house of Rock and Metal, she was destined to have a career in music. At age 8 she attended her first concert: KISS, Ted Nugent, and Skid Row. A few years later she started taking vocal lessons, eventually combining the loves of singing and Rock/Metal into one. Since then, her life has been engulfed by everything music from learning about the history to exploring the obscure and unknown, an interest which has benefitted her current work in music and video licensing.

She's worked in multiple bands and music projects while working on her Associate's Degree in Music Production.

Brittany Diaz's melodic blend of traditional, gritty and death Metal Vocals is the steel
assault of FORSAKKEN's New Wave of Traditional Metal (NWOTM) sound!

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